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André Amellér
January 2nd, 1912
May 14th, 1990


This website is published by the "Association pour la Musique d'André Amellér" to remember André Amellér (1912-1990), french music composer of 400 works, member of the "Ecole française du XXème siècle" and who lived his whole life to share with others his passion : the Music.

Within the site, you will discover the man, the complete catalogue of works, photos, excerpts of some works and information of the "Association pour la Musique d'André Amellér".

The original handwritten scores of André Amellér works are now managed by our Association.
Please contact the Association for information to obtain copies of the unpublished scores.

The version of the site is the fifth since 1997. This website was one of the first Internet website for a composer of the "Ecole française du XXème siècle.

This site, in english and french, presents :

The biography of the compositeur
"L'école française du XXème siècle"
The catalog of André Amellér's works
The Multi-media library of the Association
The search for missing scores
The Association

The complete catalogue of works sorted by instrument and group :

Others instruments
Works for the voice
More works...

Handwritten and edited scores, recordings of the composer in our Multi-media library.

The complete catalogue of works sorted by opus number.

Video and audio excerpts...

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