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Artists : Lucienne Frochot  


Artists : Lucienne Frochot  

André Amellér and the artists of his time : Lucienne Frochot

Lucienne Frochot and her husband were André Amellér’s friends from Dijon.
Improving her art, year after year, Lucienne Frochot taught watercolor to many students.

Some works by Lucienne Frochot

Roulotte en automne
Aquarelle, 38 x 28 cm

Paysage en hiver
Aquarelle, 46 x 38 cm

Aquarelle, 18 x 38 cm

dans Venise
Aquarelle, 18 x 38 cm

Bouquet de roses
Aquarelle, 28 x 38 cm

Aquarelle, 36 x 49 cm

Paysage de Provence au printemps
Aquarelle, 38 x 18 cm

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